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  The Art and Science of Brainstorming

A client of Koliso wanted his leadership team to use their executive skills and think outside the box. The issue required collaboration across different silos in the organization, and once a solution was identified, everyone needed to get behind it if the business was to succeed.

Koliso suggested using strategic brainstorming focused on the key issues the team was facing. The CEO wasnít very keen. If youíve ever been part of a brainstorming session, chances are the main thing you remember is having to shout out lots of ideas in a limited time and compete for your ideas to be heard. This CEO thought brainstorming was a little childish and probably not suitable for a senior leadership team.

Thatís not how brainstorming should be viewed. Brainstorming has developed a bad reputation. It hasnít always been this way; most people donít know brainstorming was invented.
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The MS 150 Race

We try to support community organizations through our pro bono work and advocacy. This year we are involved in some direct fundraising for a worthy cause.

In May, David is riding the MS 150. Thatís two days and 150 miles on a bicycle from Duluth to Minneapolis. Heís riding as part of a team that is one of the five largest contributors to MS research.

Every little bit helps. Please consider contributing something on behalf of yourself or your organization.

Visit his personal donation page. >>
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How We Decide

By Jonah Lehrer

The guiding principle of decision-making has been that we make choices based on rational actions. The author suggests that there is something else going on inside the humanís ďblack box.Ē Readers learn about how the human mind makes decisions and how better decision-making can be learned. Lehrer recently published a book that examines creativity, Imagine: How Creativity Works, which is also fast becoming a must-read.
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  Did You Miss the 360-Degree Series?

Koliso recently ran a four-part series on 360-degree appraisals and why they shouldnít suck. It was well received among senior leadership. Did you see it?
From the Blog
  Does 360-Degree Feedback Work Well in Your Organization?

Thatís what we asked in last monthís poll. Interestingly, 89 percent of respondents said they have a 360-degree process in place compared to only 11 percent who didnít have such a process.

Of the people who had 360s of some kind, around two-thirds reported it worked well, with around one-third saying it didnít.

Putting in place a simple, effective multi-rater feedback process is one of the easiest things you can do to improve performance in your organization. If you donít have a system, you should seriously consider talking through some options.

If you have a system but itís not working well, consider reviewing with your colleagues what the issues are. If itís too difficult, not relevant or too much like a popularity contest, we can suggest simple changes that will make your system better.

And if you have a system and itís working well, congratulations! Youíre one of the large majority of organizations that have implemented this best practice for high performance.

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